Goal: The broad goal of the teaching of undergraduate students in Anatomy aims at providing comprehensive knowledge of the gross and microscopic structure and development of human body to provide a basis for understanding the clinical correlation of organs or structures involved and the anatomical basis for the disease presentations.

The subject deals with the structure of human body. The curriculum for subject is as follow:

1. General Anatomy

2. Regional Anatomy

a. - Upper limb

b. - Lower limb

c. - Abdomen

d. - Thorax

e. - Head Face Neck

f. - Spinal Cord & Brain

3. Micro-Anatomy

I - General Histology

II - Systemic Histology

4. Developmental Anatomy

I - General Embryology

II - Systemic Embryology

5. Genetics

6. Radiological Anatomy, USG, CT, MRI

7. Surface Anatomy, Living & Marking Anatomy books recommended

1) Gray's Anatomy

2) Sahana's Human Anatomy

3) Chouraia's Human Anatomy 3 volumes

4) Cunningham's manual of Practical Anatomy

5) Regional Anatomy by R. J. Last

6) Human Histology by Inderbir Singh

7) Atlas of Human Histology- DIFORE

8) Surgical Anatomy- McGregor

9) Histolgoy- by ham,

10) Human Embryology – Inderbir Singh,

11) Medical Embryology – Langman,

12) Surface Anatomy & Radiology – Halim Das,

13) General Anatomy by – Chowrisia

14) Text book of Neuroanatomy – Inderbir Singh

15) Central Nervous System – Podar Bhagat

16) Clinical anatomy for medical students – Richard Snell

17) Sociology and Health – Niraj Pandit, B. I Publication, NewDelhi

Dr. Aloka Sharma


Photograph Faculty Name Qualification Designation Appointment Mobile
Dr. Aloka Sharma MBBS, MD Professor(HOD) Regular 06412401078
Dr. (Prof.) Uday Shankar Sahay MBBS, MD Professor Regular 9431086559
Dr. Anant Kumar Pandit MBBS, MD Assistant Professor Regular 9931457450
Dr. Nirmaja Jha MBBS, MD Assistant Professor Regular 9431825392
Dr. Amresh Kumar MBBS, MD Tutor Regular 06412401078
Dr. Mahesh Kumar MBBS, MD Tutor Regular 06412401078
Dr. Premjeet Kumar MBBS, MD Tutor Regular 06412401078


Sl. No. Photograph Staff Name Department Designation Appointment Mobile
1 Smt. Neelam Kumari Anatomy Guard Regular 06412401078
2 Shri Rajesh Ranjan Anatomy Lab Technician Contractual 06412401078
3 Shri Kailash Kumar Harijan Anatomy Dissection Hall Attendent Regular 06412401078