Goal :-  The broad goal of the teaching of undergraduate students in Surgery is to produce graduates capable of delivering efficient first contact surgical care. Surgery includes orthopedics, anesthesiology and radiodiagnosis as minor subjects

1. Wound healing and management, scars: Hypertrophic scar and keloid; First aid management of severely injured.
2. Asepsis, antisepsis, sterilisation.
3. Surgical sutures, knots, drains, bandages and splints.
4. Surgical infections and rational use of antibiotics: Causes of infection, prevention of infection, common organisms causing infection.
5. Boils, cellulitis, abscess, necrotising fascitis.
6. Tetanus and Gas gangrene: Prevention of Tetanus and Gas Gangrene.
7. Chronic specific infections: Tuberculosis, Filariasis, and Leprosy.
8. Antibiotic therapy.
9. Hospital infection.
10. AIDS and Hepatitis B; Occupational hazards and prevention.
I . B . 1. Mechanism and management of missile, blast and gunshot injuries.
2. Surgical aspects of diabetes mellitus.
3. Bites and stings.
4. Organ transplantation - Basic principles.
5. Nutritional support to surgical patients

Dr. Upendra Nath


Photograph Faculty Name Qualification Designation Mobile Appointment
Dr. Anil Varma Senior Resident 9835044771
Dr. Apurva Kumar Rajan Senior Resident 9852508603
Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh Senior Resident 9431874667
Dr. Ashok Rai Associate Professor 9431277556
Dr. Binod Kumar jaiswal Assistant Professor 9431095668
Dr. Chandramouli Upadhyay Associate Professor 9934408146
Dr. Dina Nath Prasad Assistant Professor 9431455387
Dr. Hari Shankar Prasad Senior Resident 9835614334
Dr. Hemant Kumar Das Senior Resident 9931264663
Dr. Jayant Kumar Desh Deepak Associate Professor 9934427805
Dr. Kumar Ratnesh Assistant Professor 9431431119
Dr. Mrityunjai Kumar Associate Professor 9431214115
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Assistant Professor 8521300381
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Assistant Professor 9431171085
Dr. Pawan Kumar Senior Resident 9835008213
Dr. Pawan Kumar Jha Senior Resident 9431213606
Dr. Pradip Kumar Bazaz Assistant Professor 9431411435
Dr. Rajendra Kumar Assistant Professor 9931606646
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Associate Professor 9431210542
Dr. Sohail Anjum Senior Resident 9431092184
Dr. Upendra Nath Professor(HOD) 9470003119


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