Dermatology began at Indiana University with the appointment of Dr. Alembert Brayton in the early 1900's as the first Professor of Dermatology and Syphilology. At that time as in most medical schools, dermatology was a section of Internal Medicine. Dr. Brayton was succeeded by a number of dermatologists who taught at the medical school while maintaining private practices in Indianapolis; these included Drs. Frank Cregor, Frank Gastineau, John Brayton, James Gosman, Boynton Booth and Robert Jenkins.
The residency program was established at the Marion County General Hospital, now the Wishard Memorial Hospital, by Dr. John Dalton, who served as Chief of Dermatology from 1948 to1960. Dr. Booth directed the residency program.
In 1963, Dermatology became a Department of the Indiana University School of Medicine. Dr. Victor Hackney was recruited from Stanford University to be the first chairman. The residency program and clinical service at the Marion County General Hospital and the clinical service at Indiana University were merged into the Department. The Department grew with the addition of full-time faculty including Dr. Arthur Norins in 1964 and Dr. Walter Epinette in 1971, both from Stanford.
In 1976, Dr. Norins succeeded Dr. Hackney as Chairman and recruited Dr. Stephen Wolverton. The dermatology residency expanded to six. Clinics at theRiley Hospital for Children and the Roudebush Veterans Administration Medical Center were incorporated into the training and service program. This period also saw the expansion of the research efforts with the establishment of the Hackney Laboratory for Investigative Dermatopathology in 1990. Dr. Dan Spandau was appointed the director and has developed a research program in molecular biology of the skin.
In 1993, Dr. Evan Farmer was recruited from Johns Hopkins University to succeed Dr. Norins as Chairman and was appointed the first Kampen-Norins Chair in 1997. Dr. Farmer's interests included dermatopathology, graft-versus-host disease and clinical dermatology with emphasis on outcome studies. Dr. Farmer recruited Dr. Charles Lewis from Brooke Army Medical Center to head the Regenstrief Dermatology Clinics in 1994. In 1995 Jeffrey B.Travers, MD, PhD was recruited.

Dr. Ajoy Kumar Saha
Associate Professor


Photograph Faculty Name Qualification Designation Appointment Mobile
Dr. Ajoy Kumar Saha MBBS, MD Associate Professor(HOD) Regular 9031811217
Dr. Rajeev Ranjan Jha MBBS, MD Senior Resident Contractual (BHS) 9431207714
Dr. Vikash Anand MBBS, MD Senior Resident Contractual 06412401078


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